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This is one of Michael Shanks's sites.

It is about the way with think and write - archaeologically.

This is Traumwerk version 3.

Version 1 was a classroom space for building site reports and is now offline. A report will soon be available here - Traumwerk 1.0

Version 2 is a more personal authoring space - [link] - and is gradually being replaced by this version 3.

Traumwerk, like the other collaboratories at Metamedia (Stanford), is a wiki - a web-based authoring environment that enables the collaborative, fast and easy building of hypertext and hypermedia - linked pages of text, images, indeed any kind of digital content. You could say that Traumwerk Version 4 is what has become of the webspace of my Metamedia Lab - >45k pages and >400 contributors.

Like all hypertext or hypermedia, Traumwerk is about browsing through links.

Traumwerk means dreamwork - following connections, as in a dream. This can be fascinating and enlightening.

And, like dreamwork, the experience can also be disorienting.

Traumwerk is a project of the Metamedia Lab - closely affiliated with Stanford Humanities Lab and part of Stanford's Archaeology Center - specializing in the archaeological materiality of media, in the mediation, the documentation of remains of the past.

Disorienting - even more so given this subject of Traumwerk - ruined bits of the past, archaeological materials and experiences, entropy, detritus.

Even more so - like all archaeology and like all web sites, Traumwerk is a process rather than a product. It is always being re-constructed. Traumwerk is never more than work in progress. It tends to entropy and chaos. Layers of edits, versions, reworkings.

Some thoughts on the character of non-linear, topological documentation

>> Design philosophy - heretical empirics

>> Design principles

>> Wiki guidelines

>> Basic functions - wikis

Two projects:

Sicily - 33 archaeological moments - a contemporary archaeological field project.

Uploaded Image Uploaded Image Uploaded Image

Uploaded Image Uploaded Image Uploaded Image

Three rooms - an archaeological scenography that deals with presence and performance.

An earlier experiment of a site report - Knossos 1921 - included work on the categories at the heart of our understanding of place - [link]

Microlecture - writing archaeological history

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